Major contributions of the Arab region to humanity

The common Western misconception is that no pre-Islamic Arab civilization existed, and that Arabs lived a nomadic life in the Arabian Peninsula. It is important to know the reality of the Arabic history and the contributions of these dynamic people to the world.

The Arab region is distinguished from other regions in the world by its major contributions to humanity, as summarized in the following three points:

1. The Arabs' Semitic ancestors in both the Fertile Crescent and Egypt produced five great and extremely brilliant ancient civilizations, from which the early Western civilizations of Greece and Rome benefited. These five civilizations are:

a) The Iraqi Sumerian civilization

b) The Babylonian civilization


c) The Egyptian Pharaonic civilization

d) The Lebanese Phoenician civilization

e) The Palestinian Canaanite civilization

2. The three Semitic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all born in the Arab region.

3. The Islamic Arab civilization that contributed to the European Renaissance.