First take a reasonable quantity of fenugreek; dissolve it in water.
Keep it for one hour. Then prepare meat or chicken soup.

A special bowl called “Madr” or “Makli” is used to cook Saltah. It is heat-proof. Put the empty bowl on fire for five minutes. Then pour some cooking oil, then some onions, to be followed by some fresh tomatoes. Mix all well.

Now add some pepper and one or two eggs. Then put some fresh potatoes. Mix well. Add some soup as desired. Add some minced meat. Cook the mixture for ten minutes.

Remove the bowl from the fire. Remove water from your fenugreek (also called Hulbah) and pour it into the hot bowl. (Do not pour fenugreek while the bowl is on the fire or else it becomes bitter in taste). The fenugreek shall become coagulated at the bottom of the bowl.