There are five specific strains of the Arabian horse:

The Kuhaylan (or Keheilan)
This pure-in-strain recognizable features are distinctive deep chest, macho horsepower and larger size that sets it apart from other horses. It stands 15 hands and has slightly shorter head and wide jaws. It is gray or chestnut.

The Seglawi
It has a somewhat stylish feminine quality and possesses a fine bone structure and longer face and neck. It stands 14.2 hands. While galloping the horse kinks its feet in the air. It has a silky coat which probably accounts for its name. Dominant colour is Bay.

The Obeyah (or Abyan)
The high tail of this horse daring a sprint almost “carries the cloak of the rider”, that’s how it got its name Abyan (meaning a cloak). It is a close cousin of the Seglawi in refinement. The longer back differentiates it from the typical Arabian horse. It stands 14.2 hands. The common colour is gray with some white as if sprayed on.

The Hamadani
It has a bigger bone structure, but is somewhat plain with a muscular, sporty build. The profile is not very “dished” but somewhat straighter. Stands 15.2 hands. Colour gray and bay.

The Hadban
Gentle strain with close affinity to Hamadani in build and structure but a smaller version, sharing big bone and muscular build. Stands 14.3 hands. Colour brown or bay with few if any white markings.